Sunday, November 29, 2015

Friendship Rally

Are your interested in hosting a Friendship Rally in your community or at your church? We would like to hear from you. Regardless of your location, we would like put together an event for you to invite believers who are serious or even curious about being a disciple who takes a disciple. We would like to invite local Christian musicians who would come and provide an upbeat and inspirational time of praise. The best part is that discipleship can become a family affair.

We cover our expenses with product sales (discipleship kit) and a love offering. In this present age, as Christians are being persecuted and ostracized worldwide. We have two choices a) do nothing; or b) go into all of the world making disciples. If we do nothing? Christianity will continue on it's course to become extinct in just one more generation. If we make disciples? God will manifest Himself in the world as you and I have never witnessed before!

EAT, READ & PRAY is so simple that anyone who can read or remember scripture can be a disciple to a disciple. Imagine that once a week, your young student takes enough food to share with a friend, just once a week. Then he/she shares their weekly verse and they say a simple prayer - all in under 60 seconds. The results? WORLD CHANGING.

The solution for a broken world is for God's people to rise up, go out and find a non-believer to share a meal and a prayer. THEN? Let God do the rest. See our new brochure [ click here ]

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