Wednesday, November 18, 2015

No Kidding?

Taking on a disciple is a big responsibility. It requires a twelve month or 52 week commitment. Meeting at least once a week for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This gives you a rare opportunity to get to know an individiual on a personal and intimate level.

 Here is an example.
David and Larry both attended the same small church. They would see and greet each other in a genuine fashion. They always exchanged greetings and words of support. This exchange continued for six months. Finally, David and his wife invited Larry and his wife out for dinner.

Sharing a meal is an intimate experience, in and of itself. When we eat, we are basically putting smile piles of food into our mouth, chewing and swallowing. Actually the word for chewing and grinding food is "mastication." This behavior is not elegant.

After dinner, in the parking lot, the subject of places of origin came up. You know, "so where are you from originally?" You ask that question in California because most folks are from someplace else. It turns out that Larry and David grew up in the same suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. More interestingly, they both attended the same High School for a year and have mutual friends.

Until we take time, lots of time, to know another person? Until we allow ourselves to get involved in the messiness of relationships? Until we disciple, we will never know the joy and healing that relationships bring.

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