Sunday, November 22, 2015


I had a recent discussion about the profound impact of building strong relationships by sharing a meal together as a family, ONCE a week for 52 continuous weeks. If you think back, throughout your life, how many individuals can you remember sharing so many moments talking about intimate and personal topics. You hear parents complain about the lack of quality time being spent with their children thanks to busy schedules. Keeping your children engaged in quality activities, helping them realize their dreams is a great thing.

In the Facebook age we willingly sacrifice face-to-face time with our children for non-family self-development programs. Psychologists know that our most influential relationships throughout our life are with our immediate and extended families. When adversity strikes - it is more likely you will find support and safety with your family.

Our challenge to you - as a family, will you schedule at least ONE meal every week where every member of your family takes an active role in preparing, enjoying and cleaning up after your meal. Sometime, consider picking a topic of interest - charity, giving, encouragement, love, relationships, temptations - and concluding with a short prayer. When you fulfill this promise to your family you will see an amazing transformation. The real benefit may not even be fully realized until years later.

If you are looking for advice or would like to share your story with others on this blog - use the form on the site to communicate with us. We pray your family thrives and discovers the joy of tranquility.

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