Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Metrics

Have you ever wondered how YOU can change the world? Here is the best way to realize the fastest results. The strategy is simple and biblical. YOU can change the world when you "disciple -to- disciple." When you are a person who disciples and models how they can disciple others, and this pattern is repeated - the numbers grow exponentially.

After just 10 years, if you were the only person in the world following this action plan - and everyone discipled repeated your practice - there would be exactly 1,024 disciples. BUT, if you continued this for 15 years, the number would be 32,768 and if you followed this practice for 20 years, 1,048,576. In 20 years, just by being a discipler for 20 people, over ONE MILLION PLUS lives would be impacted.

Consider this ...
This year, God sends me a man to disciple for 52 weeks. Each week, we explore topics in the Old and New Testament over a meal. At the end of the meal, we pray a short and simple prayer together. Starting at around week 40, I begin to pray and encourage him to get ready to be a discipler. Now, if you have problems with the word disciple - consider the word mentor. In this scenario, you only mentor one person at a time over an entire year (52 weeks), each year God sends you a person to disciple/mentor. God also gives you the money to pay for your weekly meals!

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