Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Secret Inside the Forbidden Fruit

Do you like it when science proves or provides a compelling explanation for an event or phenomena in the Bible? Well hold on to your kippah's mishpacha because, months of study have uncovered a likely hypothesis for the evolutionary birth of the microbiota. Are you aware of the trillions (with a "t") of bacteria, fungi and viruses that live inside you making up 90% of your cells and 99% of your DNA? Please be patient as I build a case for explaining the connection of Genesis 2:16-17 to what we are only now learning about the microbiome.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

New Apostolic Age

It is widely thought that the original Apostolic Age started with Yeshua's/Jesus' ascension into heaven till the death of the final apostle, Yochanan/John, in the year 96 AD/CE. The term "apostle" was used to describe the disciples who had first-hand contact with Yeshua during his earthly ministry. While Acts 1:21-22 describes the qualifications of an "Apostle of Christ" - specifically that they must be able to perform miracles - it does not preclude the use of the word "apostle" to believers who may be commissioned to make disciples of others. Caution should be exercised in misusing the term to imply some divine embodiment beyond that of a believer who has devoted themselves to the study and application of scriptural and spiritual truth. Be suspicious of ANY believer who asserts a station implying self-deification.

Monday, December 7, 2015

90 Cities in 90 Days

After much prayer, we are planning an ambitious "90 Cities -in- 90 Days" 2016 Eat-Read-Pray Fellowship Tour. Our needs are great, but we are confident that making disciples EVERYWHERE is exactly what God has instructed His people to do! Our Fellowship Tour will start in Huntington Beach, CA traveling to Bangor, ME and then returning to Huntington Beach. Our plans are to find THREE Christian Leaders in every city who will accept our invitation to break bread together and support our efforts to take the message of "making disciples, just one meal at a time" to the world. These 270 leaders will serve as our apostolic partners in praying, providing mentoring, and hosting meals where non-Christians can find a loving, nurturing fellowship with believers.

Thursday, December 3, 2015


This is a divisive topic. What are we to understand about the topic of money and the amassing of wealth, for the purpose of self-indulgence? If you understand God's master plan to be Matthew 28:19-20 as demonstrated by Acts 2:42, then you realize that all that we are given (both material and immaterial) is intended to be used for the care and welfare of His people. The term welfare does not have to imply entitlement or free goodies! The term should mean to the provision of spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical needs of the body. Today, as a species, we have evolved into self-serving, self-gratifying and self-worshiping beings.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Early Years

My youth spanned the 60's and 70's. Those were some of the most tumultuous years in America, relatively speaking. The world was learning how diversity and racial identity needed to be respected. We needed to learn how to value a person regardless of gender, race or religion. In the 21st Century, we are still working on learning that every life matters. We are still working on not pre-judging a person because of their skin color or religious beliefs.

Te Alabaré

If you are not familiar with Costa Rican "Tico" Danilo Montero, you should. This is a karaoke version of his song "Te Alabaré mi buen Jesús" - I worship you my beautiful Jesus.


Did you know that faith is contagious? Have you ever heard the phrase "people don't care how much you know, till they know  how much you care"? There is profound wisdom in the notion, when you replace the word 'know' with 'believe' ... people don't care what you believe, till they believe you care! Science is proving the wisdom of the Bible to be true. Especially interesting is the idea of emotional contagion - our emotional state produces a microbial cloud that interacts with others microbiome, leading to a shared emotional experience.