Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Secret Inside the Forbidden Fruit

Do you like it when science proves or provides a compelling explanation for an event or phenomena in the Bible? Well hold on to your kippah's mishpacha because, months of study have uncovered a likely hypothesis for the evolutionary birth of the microbiota. Are you aware of the trillions (with a "t") of bacteria, fungi and viruses that live inside you making up 90% of your cells and 99% of your DNA? Please be patient as I build a case for explaining the connection of Genesis 2:16-17 to what we are only now learning about the microbiome.

I am currently working on a white paper. Academic in nature, I will publish the document here. In brief, there is scientific evidence that the surface microbiota as well as that contained within the fruit is of greater quantity than that contained within vegatables. Therefore, it is reasonable to claim that since Adam and Eve were not infected with the birth mothers microbiome [ a process of a) occurring at birth as the fetus leaves the placenta and travels through the birth canal to erupt infected and b) through breast feeding ] that they were instead infected with both the good and bad microbiota in the fruit. It was the forbidden "fruit of good and evil" that resulted in the introduction of microbes that would cause Adam and Even to infect the entire earth and all of it's inhabitants with germs.

The evolution of the microbiome may also explain the reason that early earthly inhabitants like Methuselah lived 969 years. The microbiota did not have enough time to create diseases, as we know them. The scarcity of germs and the need to develop immunity required time. So, here is how I couch the Tree of Life narrative.

Hey Adam, I have a planted a tree in the middle of the garden. Not because I want you to be tempted, but because I want you to know exactly where it is. It bares the fruit of both "good" and "evil." You can eat from everything that I have created except this one fruit. If you do, you will surely die.

Die? What is that?

Well, it's really complicated ... I could explain it to you, but I would have to use charts and graphs and need an LCD projector


Never mind. Just remember what I told you about the fruit. OK?


[ cut to scene at the tree with you know who and Eve ]
... so that is why God doesn't want you eat the fruit ... make sense?

Not really, I have never seen a PowerPoint presentation.

The bottom line is that God knows that if you eat the fruit, He won't have to explain it to you. You will be as smart as He is! You know the truth. Go ahead ... you know you want to eat it.
Can you accept the idea that there is no such thing as health - only homeostasis and the degree to which disease is present and impairs normal organ functioning? Can you accept the idea that death is the moment when all biological organs cease to function? If you can, then you understand the moment that the microbiota entered the first man and woman (consumed the fruit of good and evil) served as the birth of death. Because they were banned from the garden, Adam and Eve ended up infecting everything they touched. Everything they touched became a fertile breeding ground for what we know now is the micro-bacterial universe.

So, there's that.

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