Thursday, December 3, 2015


This is a divisive topic. What are we to understand about the topic of money and the amassing of wealth, for the purpose of self-indulgence? If you understand God's master plan to be Matthew 28:19-20 as demonstrated by Acts 2:42, then you realize that all that we are given (both material and immaterial) is intended to be used for the care and welfare of His people. The term welfare does not have to imply entitlement or free goodies! The term should mean to the provision of spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical needs of the body. Today, as a species, we have evolved into self-serving, self-gratifying and self-worshiping beings.


Today, you are being bombarded with the message that unless you "sew your seeds" (a metaphor for money) in a specific ministry, you will never be "blessed" (aka, wealthy). Don't pray for wealth. Don't pray for bling! Pray instead that God will teach you how to be a wise steward of the things that he gives YOU to hold on to - till the time comes to use it the way He desires. You will discover that the better Steward you are, the more He entrusts you to manage.

This is what I believe the Bible teaches about finances. EVERYTHING you have, acquire and amass belongs to God. God is the 100% owner of everything. He, and I don't know why, chooses what he gives to Stewards to manage. He has a reason - the care and welfare of His people. I believe that God gives when He desires to do so - and, He expects that when He asks for you to disburse it, you do so without hesitation! I don't believe that we are instructed to give 10% of what we earn, because it ALL belongs to God.

Be suspicious of anyone who tries to convince you that THEY are the worthy recipients of the holdings of God in your possession. What they desire is to manipulate and deceive you into being a unwitting steward of what God has entrusted to you. The practice of charity is actually an act of stewardship. Let your attitude and behavior show you a wise steward worthy of God's trust.

Do you want to know a wise way to spend your money?  Romans 12:20 says, "if your enemy is hungry, give him something to eat ... if he is thirsty, give him something to drink." If you aren't 100% certain how the money you give is being used, then as a wise steward who wants more responsibility, you should not give it up.

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